5 Most Effective SEO Strategies for Better Search Engine Ranking

The development of a successful SEO campaign depends on having well researched and effective SEO strategies for the website. A search engine optimization company will need to figure out how to continue with SEO at several stages to gain optimal results. Recently we had the chance to have a wide discussion with one of the seos working for http://organicaseo.com, based on his finding here are the top five strategies to get any site ranked faster in google in 2020.

Top 5 seo strategies to rank your website in Google search engine

It require a little bit of work to start appearing on the first page of search engines such as Google for more competitive words but it is not impossible. Below are the 5 effective strategies that search engine Optimization Company will use to help you in increasing your search engine ranking.
1. Use The Right Keywords
Keywords are one of the most important factors for your search engine ranking. If your keyword phrases are too generic it is very unlikely you will rank well. Try to use specific keyword phrases and not just single keywords. You will rank well for some particular phrases where competition is less. The resultant traffic will as well be much higher quality as it will be targeted more.
2. Create unique and informative content
Create original and unique content on your website – be it a blog, an e-commerce website, a portfolio, or any other type of website, Google or any other search engines prefer original and unique content.

Search engine Optimization Company will assist in creating original and unique content on your site, either through the creation of new blog posts or through adding content to the existing pages of your website, your website will be more search engine friendly or you will rank higher in search engines.
3. Focus on quality over quantity when building backlinks
Backlinks are the backbone for your off-page search engine optimization strategies. One of the main factors affecting the ranking of your website is the backlinks, thus the higher quality backlinks directed towards your website, the higher your website will rank in the search engines. You should also consider bad backlinks pointing towards your website. This is why you need to focus on quality over quantity.
4. Article Marketing
Writing articles that relate to your on-page content and then creating links back to the page you wish to rank is a powerful way to create backlinks to your content pages. It has another advantage, that of the possibility of viral exposure as people re-publish your content article along with your backlinking information thereby creating additional backlinks. Make sure your content is unique and meets the same standards you aim for on your web pages. Writing an article of from 430 to 750 words is ideal.
5. Blog and Forum Comments
Commenting on blogs and forums is another powerful way to create links back to site pages. It takes some time to do this but it is definitely worth the effort. Comments must be on point, useful to the blog or forum, well-written and brief. Two to three comments a week makes for an ideal, natural distribution.

Time to start ranking your website
Work continuously on your website, build high-quality backlinks, and post unique content regularly. This will constantly increase your website’s rankings and will help you get to page 1 of popular search engines. Check on http://organicaseo.com for further information on how to make your business rank number one.

Why installing SSL on the Website is an Important Boston Seo Factor in 2019

With the increased e-commerce and apps growth, there is an increasing need for a secure Internet experience. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is capable of protecting your business and customers from hackers, prying eyes, malware and, malicious virus. 

This makes it an indispensable asset. However, marketing teams and digital marketing companies such as Boston SEO that offers SEO services should never assume SSL to be a simple thing that is not within their staff. 

Google wants to make a point that your data doesn’t get shared with anyone. Thus, they brought a necessary change to the algorithm rankings. any website with an SSL certificate is to appear higher in the Google search result, as compared to a website which does not. As a digital marketing company, this information is critical to measure the effectiveness of your Search Engine Optimization services.

Three Reasons SSL Certification is Vital for Boston SEO

Although there is a long list of reason for adding SSL on your website, Here are the three most important ones that you as a business owner have to know. 

It will Impact Your Bounce Rates and the time Visitors take on the Site

If you have not installed on your site an SSL certificate, your website visitors will be seeing a warning saying ‘Not Secure!’ in the address bar. Overlaid with a red X for all pages that don’t have HTTPS set up correctly. 

Depending on what type of site you have, this may cause visitors to leave your site. If you have a shop on your site that takes payment or have request email details, The absence of SSL certification will mean that the visitors cannot trust your site thus they will navigate away. Whether your website has purely informational content, non-savvy visitors will think that it is hacked or broken and will click away quickly. 

This is indirectly affecting Our SEO Boston as your bounce rates and time on site are likely to be affected. The ranking correlation exists between lower bounce rates and longer time on site. If your website page is ranking well and getting good click-through rate, but the same page itself is having a high bounce rate, then this is an indication to Google that the site is not giving users the kind of information they are looking for. 

Low time on-site or high bounce rate will increase the chances that Google is capable of serving up different users’ results from the competitor’s websites with a lower bounce rate. This is especially true for sites that are content-driven or those that offer a product or service. Higher click-through rates are a sign that users are finding the content that they’re looking for, however, if the pages are not SSL certified, the visitors will lack the necessary confidence to keep visiting on your website. 

3. It May Be Enough to Rank You Ahead of Your Competitors

Since the algorithm for Google ranking takes into account many factors, SSL certification does not seem to be a big deal. This is considered a great opportunity where website owners, developers, and top boston seo specialists will assist in getting the website ahead of competition-wise.

  • It is easy, cheap and quick to implement SSL certification 
  • It is definitely a consideration in Google’s ranking algorithm
  • Most of your competitors are probably not having SSL certification 

If you have a website that is tied to another on several other aspects of the ranking signal, having SSL Certification is enough to outperform them. If you are targeting keywords with high competition, you will need to include an SSL certification. 

SSL will give you a competitive edge 
Installing SSL to your website will not make you rank number one suddenly for every keyword, but, having SSL can make your site rank higher. As a search Engine Optimization Expert, when drafting a strategy for your SEO services, it is important to plan for the keywords that are highly competitive.

You don’t want to be burned as a result of something trivial like lack of an SSL Certificate in your website. But one out of the two hundred ranking signals is SSL which is used by Google, its importance cannot be ignored by SEO Company in Boston.

How Does It Affect Search Engine Rankings?

An SSL certificate will affect your website’s search engine rankings in the below ways.

1. A boost your search engine rankings

Google has confirmed that a secure website with an SSL certificate will have an advantage over other websites that are not as encrypted and secure, provided that other factors of search engine optimization (SEO) will remain constant.

2. Improving SEO 

An SSL certificate (a secure and safe website) will significantly improve your website user experience. If a user land on the insecure and unsafe website, there would be visible indicators showing that the site is not protected, and therefore he needs to quit browsing on it.

Websites which offer a poor user experience will not rank consistently in the SERPs top positions. Sites that are Unencrypted with no SSL certificates will fail in delivering good user experience.

SEO is not an island, in relation to several factors both external to the web and internal to the site. The algorithms of the Search engine are becoming complex and evaluating a website based on many factors, all are weighted differently. Are customers staying on your web page? What is the structure of your site? Do you have legitimate links to your website? read more

SSL warnings and what seo value it has for boston local businesses

SSL warnings and what seo value it has for Boston Local Businesses

Since a security patch back July of 2018, Chrome browser has now been flashing the SSL warning on more Non-SSL sites than before. It’s almost a guarantee that each and every internet user who runs chrome has come across this site insecure error quite a number of times. So what makes Google flag sites as not secure? And what can boston seo do to help local businesses to avoid having their websites marked as insecure? Read on to better understand what this could mean for your online business and how to play it safe.

What is Not Private warning in Chrome?

If you have been watching the SEO scene for long enough, every time Google makes an update on its best practices for SEO it has an impact on rankings and the HTTPS protocol is no exception. It’s very disturbing to imagine that all your customers are seeing the not secure warning on your website almost translating to “you cannot trust these guys”. Funny enough, people are more likely to notice the connection is not secure warning that the label connection is secure. If you need help getting this fixed for your business serpmind.com can help you a lot.

For a long time, the HTTP protocol was what the protocol browsers used to connect to websites. The problem was that HTTP can easily be exploited and is not solid ground as per the security point of view. In the past, the protocol has fallen victim of man the middle attacks and therefore websites are urged to move to a new more secure protocol called as HTTPS. The HTTPS migration has been on an upward trend thanks to the efforts of Google to incentivize getting SSL certificates and the HTTPS protocol in place.

How to fix the not secure warning in Chrome

When your business website is suffering this kind of humiliation, you need to act fast to set things right so you stop losing customers. There are many approaches to solving the issue depending on the complexity of your web hosting service. Most times, this fix will cost you money as hosting providers sell the certificates for monthly or annual renewals. There are ways you can work around the costs by using Cloudflare for your SSL.

Solve the “not secure “ issue with seo boston , follow the following simple steps

  • Get an SSL certificate : To get an SSL certificate you can pay for it with your webhost or find a new host who will give it for free. You can even get a lifetime worth of SSL certificates for as little as $10. The difficulty will depend on your host.
  • Install your certificate through your web host : The next huddle will be to install your SSL certificate and again you can consult your Hosting provider for details on how to install the SSL certificate. Sometimes your host will even allow you to install your certificate that you bought elsewhere.
  • Change your URL : After installing the SSL certificate, you will need to force the site to load over the HTTPS protocol by changing the primary URL. Again your hosting provider might do this for you.
  • Perform a 301 redirect on your website : Even after changing to HTTPS protocol, your customers might still be visiting with the old HTTP link they saved a year ago. To secure the connection for them, you will need to re-route traffic to your new address. There are several ways to achieve this but the 301 Redirect is the permanent option that tells the search engine that your website has moved to a new address.

What this could mean for your business is serious losses in revenue as customer bounce ate increases. When visitors in need of making some transaction see the warning they may leave almost immediately further downgrading the rank of your website. Also, as noted above, when Google pushes for an improvement, it comes with serious repercussions for website owners who choose to ignore.