SSL warnings and what seo value it has for Boston Local Businesses

SSL warnings and what seo value it has for boston local businesses

Since a security patch back July of 2018, Chrome browser has now been flashing the SSL warning on more Non-SSL sites than before. It’s almost a guarantee that each and every internet user who runs chrome has come across this site insecure error quite a number of times. So what makes Google flag sites as not secure? And what can boston seo do to help local businesses to avoid having their websites marked as insecure? Read on to better understand what this could mean for your online business and how to play it safe.

What is Not Private warning in Chrome?

If you have been watching the SEO scene for long enough, every time Google makes an update on its best practices for SEO it has an impact on rankings and the HTTPS protocol is no exception. It’s very disturbing to imagine that all your customers are seeing the not secure warning on your website almost translating to “you cannot trust these guys”. Funny enough, people are more likely to notice the connection is not secure warning that the label connection is secure. If you need help getting this fixed for your business can help you a lot.

For a long time, the HTTP protocol was what the protocol browsers used to connect to websites. The problem was that HTTP can easily be exploited and is not solid ground as per the security point of view. In the past, the protocol has fallen victim of man the middle attacks and therefore websites are urged to move to a new more secure protocol called as HTTPS. The HTTPS migration has been on an upward trend thanks to the efforts of Google to incentivize getting SSL certificates and the HTTPS protocol in place.

How to fix the not secure warning in Chrome

When your business website is suffering this kind of humiliation, you need to act fast to set things right so you stop losing customers. There are many approaches to solving the issue depending on the complexity of your web hosting service. Most times, this fix will cost you money as hosting providers sell the certificates for monthly or annual renewals. There are ways you can work around the costs by using Cloudflare for your SSL.

Solve the “not secure “ issue with seo boston , follow the following simple steps

  • Get an SSL certificate : To get an SSL certificate you can pay for it with your webhost or find a new host who will give it for free. You can even get a lifetime worth of SSL certificates for as little as $10. The difficulty will depend on your host.
  • Install your certificate through your web host : The next huddle will be to install your SSL certificate and again you can consult your Hosting provider for details on how to install the SSL certificate. Sometimes your host will even allow you to install your certificate that you bought elsewhere.
  • Change your URL : After installing the SSL certificate, you will need to force the site to load over the HTTPS protocol by changing the primary URL. Again your hosting provider might do this for you.
  • Perform a 301 redirect on your website : Even after changing to HTTPS protocol, your customers might still be visiting with the old HTTP link they saved a year ago. To secure the connection for them, you will need to re-route traffic to your new address. There are several ways to achieve this but the 301 Redirect is the permanent option that tells the search engine that your website has moved to a new address.

What this could mean for your business is serious losses in revenue as customer bounce ate increases. When visitors in need of making some transaction see the warning they may leave almost immediately further downgrading the rank of your website. Also, as noted above, when Google pushes for an improvement, it comes with serious repercussions for website owners who choose to ignore.

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